YouTubers What Do they Really Do?



Social Blade of Casey Neistat

There are some youtubers that let the fame and followers get to there head But the youtubers I will be talking about are ones that everyone Knows and love and i watch some of them but it got me thinking do anyone really care what they think or is it because the guys and Girls that are popular and good looking or is it there content. I always here youtubers say be yourself and be Honest and you will have alot of Subscriber’s in my Opinion i think alot of youtubers are putting up a Front a version of themself that they want us to see cause off camera thats not who they are so why are they so successful two words YouTube Analytics if you look at the Trending Page you will see who makes it up there alot or check out your Recommended and see who pops up youtube designs it so only the popular creators always show up first. It’s just like High school and i Graduated in 1992 the more followers and subscriber’s you have more youtube tips it in your favor i hear all the small creators say i make just as good content i use what they use same cameras same lights same sound same computer and same Editing Softwear why can’t have 100k or 1 million subscribers well i think i know the secret. Being Marketable A company can make money off of you and if your content is Ad Friendly then your in the Club.611923320.jpg.0Youtube makes it hard for the little guy.


Social Blade of Markiplier

 I think its true it is said that everyone has a chance at getting 100k Subscribers or a Million but some Youtubers pay for subscribers yes they pay for them there are companies that have legit accounts i was assked by a company if i wanted to register my account to recive 50 bucks a month so they can have me sub to a bunch of accounts that they would send me a list of links i said no. There are alot of these companies out there that do this and the Creator falls for it.



Social Blade of Jake Paul

YouTube Drama and Distracks

There are some youtubers that don’t like each other thats ok But there are some Fake youtube Drama where a certain creator goes to another and say hey lets do a video and make ot like we hate each other think of the views we will get and you know the subscribers will want to watch each side of the conflict  and to comment defending there favorite creators.



Social Blad of Logan Paul

should Logan Paul Get a Second Chance?

I have nothing against the guy ever Since his Suicide Forest video he took a big hit in subscriber loss and got called out by alot of people but i think he learned his lesson. For me see a dead body is really not a big deal well let me rephrase that a 20 years ago i worked for a transport company for the Coroner’s office in Riverside and San Bernardino County we also did local mortuary’s so pretty much i have seen suicides,murders,car accidents,burned,decomposing,drownded, ect. Bodys before i seen alot so for me i would not be affected but i would not film it. I use to have a photo of me that a Deputy coroner took of me not going to describe the photo but i had in a book with all the cases i worked newspaper clippings and blank toe tags from each place and as i got older i felt bad for having that photo so i destroyed it back then i just thought its a photo of me working and proof of what i did. So yeah i don’t think he ment any disrespect he went to a place thats known for suicides and happen to see one so i think he paid his Dues and he should have a Second chance.


Shane Dawson Documentary’s


Social Blade of Shane Dawson’s and income.

My daughters favorite youtuber i have

I have been watch shane now for a couple of months and i love his videos his Jeffery Star,Tanna Con and the Inside the Mind of Jake Paul all have been really good Content i love his little crew he has his style and video making make you want more.




Social Blade on Pewdie Pie

              Is Pewdie Pie a Racist

I don’t think Felix A.K.A. Pewdie Pie is Racist like everyone says he is one of the biggest youtubers on the platform who has alot of Subscribers and alot of vodeos i think hes almost done everthing on YouTube from Gaming to Reacting. If logan Paul can be forgiven so Felix  he and he should get his show back youtubers are just people and the make mistakes but o think some people hold them to a higher standard then others why because of how many followers and subscriber’s they have but they all get brand deals thay all make alot of money. Just look at there social blade the ones i have listed Under there Photos some millions others makes a few thousand but that does not inclide there Merch as a parent I take an interest of what and who my 17 year old watchs she know’s how to be safe on the internet safety. Be proactive in your kids life and find out who they watch. Thank you and as always check out my links