GTA V and Thadrius

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Grand Theft Auto V is an action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games.

Initial release date: September 17, 2013 Rating: Mature Did you know: “Grand Theft Auto V” is the second-most-expensive video game ever developed ($278 million total cost with inflation).

I like to watch GTA V “RP” Role Play on my Favorite is Thadrius AKA Johnny Dazzler who lives in Texas with his Girlfriend another Streamer named Pinky and there two Dogs I think it’s been awhile since I have been in to watch the stream.

Thad is the most Entertaing and enjoyable to watch his moderators and his community in chat are amazing bunch of people there have been many times I could not subscribe to help support Thad and who comes and gifts me a sub Loctar a fine example of the type of people in the community there have been others before him that has done that for me and if your reading this you know who you are and from the bottom of my heart thank you all for showing me the kindness,love and restoring faith back into this crazy place we call earth.

They have been many nights I have stayed up all night laughing at the crazy stuff that happens on stream I have a tendency to be misunderstood and have been banned from chat for one day but no hard feelings sometime I have too much fun. I don’t have a filter because of my mental illness witch I won’t get into. Also it could because I deserved it for being stupid.

Here’s a link to Thadrius stream

Tell him BadKarma714 sent you.

Thad Role plays as a police officer he has been a Sargent a Luitenit Capatin Assistant Chief and Chief of LSPD Los Santos Police Department I am not a 100% on the rank but if I am wrong sorry.

To me and I bet all who has watched him always feel welcome and have a place to get away from life and laugh have fun and take your mind off all the bad stuff going on in our lives a takes a special person to do that and he is special thoughtful,kind and humble one night on stream he came close to tears because he hit One Thousand or more Subscribers that was the first time in all the years he has been streaming that ever happen he was really happy and thanked us all for all the good times and the bad times we always stuck together as a community this is for you buddy we love you very much Thad keep doing what you are doing because you may or may not know it you are helping alot of us.

If you would like to check out the stream here is the LINK