OverWatch what Do You Think?

OverWatch By Blizzard Entertainment

On May 24, 2016 I bought this game on The Release day. After playing the Beta I was hooked. This game became and is still my favorite game on XBox One. I have not posted any game play on my YouTube Channel. At the time, I was told that “If I Uploaded OverWatch Game Play without Permission I would Get a Copyright Strike and have the video taken Down .”

So with that in mind, I tried to contact the Game Developer’s to ask if it is ok to upload game play. I know big YouTubers had uploaded gameplay of OverWatch, but I won’t take that chance with my channel. As far as the game, my Favorite character is Soldier 76.

Soldier 76 Form OverWatch By Blizzard Entertainment

Playing with Soldier 76 is really fun. I have gotten alot of kills and the healing ability function helps me and my team. I try to get close to players who are low on health. I have not played any Ranked Games yet Because I feel I am not that advanced in the game. I would like to compete in Competitions some day if I get good enough in my game play and get on a team. If you play overwatch let me know what you think about it.

Will Blizz Con Let A Small YouTuber In


This will Be Year Two that I tried to get into BlizzCon. Being a Anaheim Resident puts me in the middle of MLG Anaheim 2016 and 2017, Game Stop Expo 2016,Wonder Con And BlizzCon. I have had no problem getting into those events. I had to pay which I have no problem doing, but when they are sold out, There’s nothing you can do. Even though I have a Press Pass, the video idea I had will have to be put on the back burner. I am a small YouTuber/ Content Creator that has 288 Subscribers. I have 35 Followers on Twitch, 837 Followers on Twitter, 400 or so on Instagram. If you add all that together that’s pretty good. I have met with some of the more famous YouTubers like: KeemStar,Overtflow,Kosdff,Ham,and other members of TK. Also, I have another channel that I started for short movies and how to get an inexpensive camera and gear for filming. I receive 500 or more views a month. I have had issues lately that has stopped me from uploading but that’s another story. I wonder why the beginning YouTuber can’t receive what the Bigger Content Creators do? They get free event entry, products from companies like cameras and games. I know I am no where near the level that those guys are. I am not asking for alot, just a chance to do what I love in the Industry; Gaming. To conclude, I don’t mind paying for a ticket, just give me a chance to make videos. Thank you. My next Blog will be on Overwatch.

Me And Members Of TK starting from The Left Ham then Me Who’s Chaos and at the End Crispy Concords
Me And Justin Chandler AKA KosDff
Me And Drama Alert Host Keem Star
Me And Overtflow
Press Pass

Mafia 3 Game

What I think about mafia 3 . I Played The Game on X Box One its a really good game graphics are crisp on the sound is really good. I know the PC is better for games, but from the console stand point, its really good. I found no lag and the game controls  are easy to master. This is my first review of a game on this platform. I am a YouTuber who makes gaming montages with music. I Think i will never be a good Blogger but 2K hit it out of the park with this game i think in my opinion its Better the GTA V  my reviews will be short so 1 to 10 i give is solid 9 for story line and action.one thing it needs is more side missions. Click Here To Watch my Game Play