GTA V and Thadrius

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Grand Theft Auto V is an action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games.

Initial release date: September 17, 2013 Rating: Mature Did you know: “Grand Theft Auto V” is the second-most-expensive video game ever developed ($278 million total cost with inflation).

I like to watch GTA V “RP” Role Play on my Favorite is Thadrius AKA Johnny Dazzler who lives in Texas with his Girlfriend another Streamer named Pinky and there two Dogs I think it’s been awhile since I have been in to watch the stream.

Thad is the most Entertaing and enjoyable to watch his moderators and his community in chat are amazing bunch of people there have been many times I could not subscribe to help support Thad and who comes and gifts me a sub Loctar a fine example of the type of people in the community there have been others before him that has done that for me and if your reading this you know who you are and from the bottom of my heart thank you all for showing me the kindness,love and restoring faith back into this crazy place we call earth.

They have been many nights I have stayed up all night laughing at the crazy stuff that happens on stream I have a tendency to be misunderstood and have been banned from chat for one day but no hard feelings sometime I have too much fun. I don’t have a filter because of my mental illness witch I won’t get into. Also it could because I deserved it for being stupid.

Here’s a link to Thadrius stream

Tell him BadKarma714 sent you.

Thad Role plays as a police officer he has been a Sargent a Luitenit Capatin Assistant Chief and Chief of LSPD Los Santos Police Department I am not a 100% on the rank but if I am wrong sorry.

To me and I bet all who has watched him always feel welcome and have a place to get away from life and laugh have fun and take your mind off all the bad stuff going on in our lives a takes a special person to do that and he is special thoughtful,kind and humble one night on stream he came close to tears because he hit One Thousand or more Subscribers that was the first time in all the years he has been streaming that ever happen he was really happy and thanked us all for all the good times and the bad times we always stuck together as a community this is for you buddy we love you very much Thad keep doing what you are doing because you may or may not know it you are helping alot of us.

If you would like to check out the stream here is the LINK

Escape from Tarkov Devil Dog Gamer is right.

There is this game I love watching Devil 😈 Dog 🐕 Gamer Play this game it’s called Escape from Tarkov is a first-person shooter video game being developed by Battlestate Games. A closed alpha of the game was first made available to select users, on 28 December 2016. It use’s the Unity

Engine. I think Battlestate should listen to the players on the many fix’s that need to be made I linked a video by “DDG” Devil Dog Gamer explaing what is good and what is bad about the game don’t get me wrong it’s a really good and fun to watch game but there is some room for improvements. Here is the link to “DDG” Video

I would like to see this game succeed and in order to do that they should listen to the players who love this game. I still haven’t had a chance to play this game yet but when I do I hope all the bugs are fixed or even some of the ones highlighted in the video.

The things I like about this game are how you can customize your Guns and the loadouts also I like how you can bandage yourself and how real they make it seem. Some of you don’t Know But Devil Dog Gamer was in the United States Marine Corps here is a photo of him from his Twitter

DCiNwUVU0AAe0BgBadass is his Middle Name His father found this photo and now it’s posted on his Twitter so to the haters out there who had said he had Stolen Valor Suck it Proof

If you would like to play this game go-to the Battlestate Website and see how to Pre Order the game now it’s in closed beta as of 8/10/2018

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I hope you check it out and also check out Devil Dog Gamer he has a good channel also check out his Twitch Stream


H1Z1 Vs Fortnite


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H1Z1 By Day Break Games

Is H1Z1 better then Fortnite or just Different I have played Fortnite and a little bit of H1Z1 as a gamer and streamer I like to watch other Twitch Streamers play and see how they react to the games. I think that both games have there ups and downs just from hearing what some of the streamers have to say about it Like Brandon Rogers aka Sharp for Team Kaliber a former Pro Call of Duty Player he is now a YouTuber and Twitch Streamer and ad of now on a team with Neslo and two other guys trying to earn Pro points on the new Call of Duty “COD”Game WW2 but that is not the point of this story. Sharp is really good at this so is Justin A.K.A. KosDff Team Kalibers C.E.O. YouTuber And Streamer who make’s Funny “COD” Trolling Video’s And Danielle A.K.A Fooya is A Twitch Streamer and also has a YouTube Channel She Plays H1Z1 A lot more then anyone in the T.K. House.

They all have Played Both Games and Seen to Enjoy them Both some Better the Others as for me I like Fortnite and H1Z1 the Same. but it’s not what I or the Others think its what you think please let me know what you think in the Comments about witch game is better or do you like them the same.

 OverWatch what Do You Think?

OverWatch By Blizzard Entertainment

On May 24, 2016 I bought this game on The Release day. After playing the Beta I was hooked. This game became and is still my favorite game on XBox One. I have not posted any game play on my YouTube Channel. At the time, I was told that “If I Uploaded OverWatch Game Play without Permission I would Get a Copyright Strike and have the video taken Down .”

So with that in mind, I tried to contact the Game Developer’s to ask if it is ok to upload game play. I know big YouTubers had uploaded gameplay of OverWatch, but I won’t take that chance with my channel. As far as the game, my Favorite character is Soldier 76.

Soldier 76 Form OverWatch By Blizzard Entertainment

Playing with Soldier 76 is really fun. I have gotten alot of kills and the healing ability function helps me and my team. I try to get close to players who are low on health. I have not played any Ranked Games yet Because I feel I am not that advanced in the game. I would like to compete in Competitions some day if I get good enough in my game play and get on a team. If you play overwatch let me know what you think about it.