Going To NAB This Year

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I got a free pass to go this year i have my flight and Hotel booked i am a small content creator compaired to all the ones who are going to be there i would like to thank NAB for sending me the Code so i have a chance to go i will have a full Blog after the show with my own photos.

These are photos from google.

NAB Show is an annual trade show produced by the National Association of Broadcasters. It takes place in April, and has been held since 1991t at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las VegasNevada. The show’s tagline is “Where Content Comes to Life“. NAB show is the largest show for media, entertainment and technology. The NAB shows covers: broadcast TV, radio, production, post production, news gathering, streaming, cable TV, satellite TV, film restoration, data storage, data management, weather forecasting, industrial TV, FX, CGI, connected media, cybersecurity and more. NAB had 103,000 attendees from 161 countries and more than 1,806 exhibitors in 2016. There are also exhibitors in Las Vegas hotels not counted in the official convention center displays. In additions to the exhibitors booths, there “lectures, panel discussions and workshops. In 2017 there will be over 200 of this sessions. Before 1991 the show had moved around to a number of cities: Washington DC, Chicago, New York, Atlantic City, Dallas, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Houston, San Francisco, St. Louis, White Sulfur Springs, W. Va., and once in West Barden, Ind.   

Source Wikipedia

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