H1Z1 Vs Fortnite


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H1Z1 By Day Break Games

Is H1Z1 better then Fortnite or just Different I have played Fortnite and a little bit of H1Z1 as a gamer and streamer I like to watch other Twitch Streamers play and see how they react to the games. I think that both games have there ups and downs just from hearing what some of the streamers have to say about it Like Brandon Rogers aka Sharp for Team Kaliber a former Pro Call of Duty Player he is now a YouTuber and Twitch Streamer and ad of now on a team with Neslo and two other guys trying to earn Pro points on the new Call of Duty “COD”Game WW2 but that is not the point of this story. Sharp is really good at this so is Justin A.K.A. KosDff Team Kalibers C.E.O. YouTuber And Streamer who make’s Funny “COD” Trolling Video’s And Danielle A.K.A Fooya is A Twitch Streamer and also has a YouTube Channel She Plays H1Z1 A lot more then anyone in the T.K. House.

They all have Played Both Games and Seen to Enjoy them Both some Better the Others as for me I like Fortnite and H1Z1 the Same. but it’s not what I or the Others think its what you think please let me know what you think in the Comments about witch game is better or do you like them the same.

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